Friday, 7 January 2011

Carrying on from earlier...

I spent the rest of Christmas Eve desperately trying to eat and relaxing as much as I could. We had a "Christmas Day Hangover Party" that night, it was a small quiet party, really nice actually.

I look deathly pale because I was still feeling extremely ill and hugely jet lagged!

Even Aspen was getting into the Christmas spirit....what a cutie!

I basically chilled out for the rest of the holiday and then of course there was New Year! We went and had fresh home made pizza baked in a proper outdoor coal oven at a friends house. Super yum! Then we went on to Tony's cousins house where everyone was meeting. We stayed there and drank until around 10pm then headed down to Trellis Bay to celebrate New Year!

After we had officially entered 2011 we headed over to the Last Resort to party away the rest of the night and start the new year in style ;) You can just about make out the cannon on the roof in the photo. Someone was supposed to be shot out of it, but it just smoked a lot and didn't do much else!

The trip home wasn't quite as eventful as the journey there but my second to last flight was delayed (again!!) but this time it was delayed by two hours - conveniently I had two hours to make my connection - and then we had to hold in the air for 15 minutes before we landed. I missed my flight home and had to catch the next one. Tony had travelled home at the same time as me, but took a slightly different route but we were to meet and get on the same last flight, he made it and got home (to my home I might add!!) before me :(

So now we're back in St Andrews and it's exam time. BOO HOO! Major stress. Excuse me while I freak out....

...Ok I'm done.

So my parents bought Tony a Scalextric for Christmas and it is VERY cool. Exact replica of the Top Gear track. Wahaha....

I have a feeling revision is going to be pretty difficult with this now in the house....

...and it just started to snow. :) *big smiles* 'Coz I have nowhere to go!


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