Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Driving examiners.

What is the point honestly. I know the UK is supposed to hold some sort of pride in how they can churn out "efficient" and "safe" young drivers with their high standards and constantly changing test, but honestly who are we kidding?? Seems like some examiners are just on a power trip. I'm not making a sweeping statement here about examiners but the only ones I've ever met or heard of have been lousy.

It's your word against theirs and wherever youths are involved you're almost guaranteed to know that what they actually mean is that they have the final word and even moving the Earth cannot change their decision.

You can take them to court if you really think they screwed you over. If you win all you get is your money back. So what's the point?

I smell a very nice way of earning some moolah! Gah.

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