Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I have one lecture left to review and it's t-minus 18 (ish) hours from my exam. Whilst half my brain cells are having a little party in my head celebrating that I only have a few hours to go before exams are out of the way for another six months, the other half of my brain cells are, unfortunately, freaking the f*** out. That's putting it mildly.

I do not feel prepared for the exam at all and the pressure for me to get a decent grade is absolutely immense, i.e. if I don't get above an 11 (out of 20) I will not be accepted into honours and therefore my university career may well be over... I think. WHY has no one explained to us properly what the exact criteria are for passing into third year.... I refuse to spend yet another year at this bloody university. As much as I love St Andrews, 5 years is way more than enough already. I just want to get my degree then I can bugger off to the Caribbean and live there in happy, warm, bliss for the rest of my life. Ack.

By the way, if you're thinking 11/20 doesn't sound difficult to get, it's not that simple. They obtain the results using some ridiculously impossible to figure out logarithmic scale. I think they do it on purpose so that if they royally f'up there is no way students can work it out for themselves and give them a good telling off... not only do they have said logarithmic madness, to add insult to injury, results are on a sliding scale. So your result depends on how everyone else does. If you do terrible and so does everyone else, you get a decent (ish) grade. If you do well, but everyone does well you still only get a decent (ish) grade. IS IT IMPOSSIBLE TO SUCCEED AT THIS UNI?

Apparently it's just people like me who can't live up to St Andrews high standards. At my school I was exceptionally clever, here at St Andrews I am exceptionally average. I'm working my ass off....mostly...and still struggling. I swear I'm going to go crazy and end up in an asylum if my brain doesn't start getting it's act together very, very soon. ARGH

Hmm, just read that lot back to myself. I think I might be a tad stressed about my exam eh....

*breathes deeply*

That's not helping.
Rant over though, I promise.

I did want to mention something I found vaguely interesting a few days ago. *Puts geek glasses on*
The wondrous Nautilus! Isn't it the weirdest looking thing you've ever seen?? I find it particularly fascinating that it is one of the oldest surviving creatures of all time! Cool yah (maybe it's just me...)
It actually dates back to the Triassic period - as far as we know from fossils - and has not evolve or changed much since then. If only they could talk, maybe they'd have a thing or two to tell us about what the heck happened to the dinosaurs.

OH MY GOODNESS. That reminds me...
Some absolutely geniuses have mapped the WHOLE genome for the Wooly Mammoth and reckon they could recreate one in less than a decade or two. This has blown my mind and of course got other scientists busy trying to recreate genome for other extinct creatures like the Mastodon and the Sabre Tooth Tiger. Jurassic Park could soon be a reality. Not sure how soon I'd be jumping on a plane to go visit though, especially after all the fiascos in the movies and how terrified I was at Universal Studios Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs seemed so real, I thought I'd be super excited to see dinosaurs (real or almost real!) but apparently not.

There's a few things to chew over anyway while I go continue chewing the skin off my lips over my exam :/ And you're blessed with not having to hear about exams for a good few weeks until I get my results then curl up and die a miserable death. Ack.

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