Friday, 28 January 2011

It's always so nice to be home. ^ That's Frankie by the way, he's invaded my lap and made it incredibly difficult to use my computer :) He looks so evil because I just woke him up!

Some very exciting news. Those of you who have heard of/played Heavy Rain will (probably) agree that it was a pretty awesome and revolutionary game. Sorry, Xbox 360 users... you lucked out again :P They've decided to make it into a movie! I'm fairly excited to see how it turns out and how closely it follows the game.

For those of you who don't know of Heavy Rain, here's a basic idea...

A dark thriller, designed to play almost like a movie with phenomenal graphics and the most fresh and innovative gameplay to date. It's more like an interactive movie, where you control the plot, than a game. There are approximately 22 different ways you can complete the game, depending on how many of your characters survive and which options you take. Ethan Mars is the main character, but you are able to take control of three others throughout the game, any of your characters can die at any point.

Even after almost a year, it still holds an IGN rating of 9/10.

If you haven't seen any playthrough of Heavy Rain, you may want to see this video...
**Warning - some strong language**

As you can see, towards the end of the video PI Shelby receives a little piece of origami, this is the trademark of the killer in the story, who murders his victims during periods of heavy rain (hence the name) by locking them in a storm drain and waiting for it to fill up.

Some of you may now be how can it be made into a movie if there are 22 alternate endings and the potential for you to lose all or none of your characters during the game? Well, that's exactly the question I'd like answered, but the details of the movie seem to be all under wraps at the moment.

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