Tuesday, 11 January 2011

"It's every young man's dream to buy his mum a house"
Really sir, you think so???

I'm not sure I agree.

I have just had a revelation. I am seriously going to be Derren Browns biggest rival in the entertainment world.
Upon discussing BN's biscuits (it was a sad day when they were banned in the UK and ended production :{)

As I was saying... we were discussing BN biscuits and I suddenly remembered we have custard creams in the cupboard. It's not quite the same as a BN but it's close enough for me! I really wanted a custard cream but I'm a bit too lazy to walk alllll the way to the kitchen (next room :P) so I actually managed to SUBLIMINALLY make Tony want a biscuit and go get them. I told him that he wanted one because of the BN discussion (key example of a woman manipulating her boyfriend here.... :/) but he didn't really hear me properly. 5 minutes later he comes into the lounge, looks directly at me and suddenly exclaims that he feels like a custard cream (no pun intended!).

The point of this whole ridiculous story?

I now know that if I royally screw up and fail my exams/not do well enough I can be safe in the knowledge that I have a new and prosperous career ahead of me:

Subliminally messaging people to really want to eat a biscuit.


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