Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I'm not quite that excited really, I have a good coursework average but the exam was pretty tough and I can't really judge how I might have done. Boo. IT's always nice to have an exam out of the way though.

I also came out of the exam highly educated in a few useless aspects. I had half an hour left at the end and since I have no patience what-so-ever I go crazy if I don't entertain myself somehow. I spent ten minutes admiring my bottle of water and pondering how it would make a pretty cool "ship in a bottle" bottle.
Now I understand people think Fiji water is only drunk by silly people trying to be all hip and swish and "healthy", but seriously I was just thirsty and they didn't sell anything else. Plus the bottle is exceptionally clear and pretty to look at.

For the next ten minutes I did my second favourite thing to do in an exam (no.1 is picking off my nail varnish). I count things. I now know that there are exactly 80 little shell pieces in my shell bracelet and 23 organ pipes in Younger Hall. I'm not sure if organs always have 23 pipes but anyway. I counted some other stuff too, but I forgot what the numbers were...

Now off to go and sooth my aching brain with some noodles in honey sauce with beef from the amaaazing Dr Noodles... I don't have an image of their enticing red logo because they're just a local shop (I initially thought it was a franchise or a chain, but apparently not). They do fantastically well for a bunch of local scotsmen and they are bloody lovely too. The guy forgot mine and Tonys order last week and we came away with a free tub of noodles and a free Mocha. Yum! The coolest thing of all is that they serve the noodles in these beauties....!!!

Feel very swish carrying my little tub of noodles around by its tiny metal handles!

Oh my gawddd I'm so famished!

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