Saturday, 29 January 2011

Reading Stephen Fry's blog has just led me to discover quite possibly the greatest internet discovery to date. It's called Pushnote, it's free and it's BRILLIANT! It's a browser extension which allows you to make comments on any web page! Sounds perfect for blogs right?

You sign up and download the extension for the browser of your choice - currently available on Chrome, Firefox and IE. After you've done all that you have a little speech bubble icon on your browser bar which will go green when a new comment has been left on the webpage you are currently viewing. You just click the green bubble and it will expand to show you the comments. So simple, yet so effective. It defeats the need for comment boxes on unfortunate blogs like mine where the author has the inability to code a comments section under each post!

Not sure how it will work out for websites with serious traffic but for small time blogs it seems like a great way to easily have a "comments box" that is hidden away until it's required and looks great!

If you're interested visit the Pushnote website or check out the Pushnote FAQs if you want to know more!

My parents, Tony and I all went to bingo tonight. Tony has never been and it's only my second time. It's so much fun to go! Although for the second time I won absolutely nothing :( Look how many chances I had to win too!!! Whatever happened to beginners luck???

Haha, the last page of dabs is in a different colour because my Dad thought it might be good luck to swap pens! It didn't work :(

A few updates...

I am aware that in a recent post I said I have
but I stand (sort of) corrected. I'm currently exploring all of the magical ways of allowing people to follow me, because I can't find anyone help me add a normal Blogger "follow" button. Hence, I've decided to bite the bullet and add a Twitter button. Do feel free to follow me in this way, if that will be easiest for you. I will post a twitter update when I have added a new blog post. Also, I've added Google Connect which is similar to the Blogger follow button. I'm not actually sure how it differs... but you can use that too if you prefer.

You will also see that I have added a new section to my sidebar. These are the blogs I enjoy reading. Usually those I check daily for new posts. *nod* to you if you're on there :)

Oh, and a few posts below you will see that I finally added photos of the brownies I made! Do go and have a peek :) Tell me if they look yummy!

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