Sunday, 9 January 2011


I spent bloody ages trying to get this new layout to work. I actually surprised myself with my skills in figuring out HTML. Albeit the most basic of basic, but it's something. So you better appreciate it. I agree it is not as funky and colourful as the last one. Ohhhh but I'll maybe have a looksy around and try and find something sunny and bright come summertime. If I don't curl up and die from stress by then. Heck.

Have you ever tried to learn Java?
Don't ever.
I thought it would be fun. I was sadly mistaken. I did a module in it last year. The only reason I didn't fail is because it was a multiple choice exam and that meant I could guess most of the answers. For once in my life I got lucky.

I have to worst luck known to both man and extra terrestrial kind by the way. I'm going to give you my everyday examples of where luck escapes me.

Yesterday, for example, it started to snow golf ball sized flakes at about 6pm and I was quite cheerful because it looked awfully pretty.
By about 10pm it was still going and I came to the most horrible realisation... I left my wellies at home and I haven't got a single pair of suitable shoes. I am quite mad. I need some snow shoes, or something.

Going to continue pointless learning about power stations for my pointless SD module exam. SD no longer stands for Sustainable Development, it now stands for Shit/Stupid Degree.


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