Saturday, 15 January 2011

Psychologists in the 1930s were gross.

Going over all my notes and doing various bits of "fill-in" research has led me to this conclusion.

They were SO backwards...
1. They electrically shocked patients with severe Schizophrenia to "pacify" them. This short term remedy basically turned them into walking zombies until their psychosis started to creep out again and they were plonked back into the electric chair for some more Electroconvulsive Therapy. Even the name sounds barbaric. Makes me think of a very Frankenstein-esque situation...
2. They gave people with severe depression lobotomies. Apparently severing a few nerves here and there makes people have a more positive outlook on life...
What about the massive life long trauma of having your noggin sliced open and your brain fiddled with??

Oh, and by the way...the above technique was pioneered in the US and took 40000 patients for them to decide that it DID NOT WORK!!!

3. They electrically shocked poor defenseless little doggies to test their theories on depression and learned helplessness. The dogs showing learned helplessness just lay down and took the shocks, even when they could get free because they'd been conditioned to believe there was no escape. HOW TERRIBLE!!! But it does nicely demonstrate a major aspect of depression. But that's not the point. POOR DOGGIES!!

As much as psychology fascinates me, and as much as I'd love to be some sort of therapist or helpy-person myself, I'm starting to wonder if they aren't all utter lunatics themselves. Or if you can really take anything they say seriously??

Seems like they keep coming up with theories and hypothesis that are wondrous and groundbreaking but a few years later their hands go up and their tails go between their legs as they say "no we were wrong here...actually..." and then come up with something "better".

Hindsight is a bitch.

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