Monday, 24 January 2011

Three posts in one day? Yeah well that's because the other two were posted at obscene hours in the morning and now it's reasonable midday time :)

Need to do some therapeutic blogging since I just spent almost an hour going round in circles on the phone with more "customer care" assistants than you can imagine. Including a very old lady who had to transfer me because her geriatric ears couldn't hear me on my cheap, crackly student phone line.

But it's ok because I'm watching Top Gear now and the world is stable once again...

I had to actually write a list yesterday to remind myself of all the things I keep forgetting to blog about. My memory is getting atrocious. In honour of my lovely list, I will replicate in blog form...

1) Chocolate Brownies

I made some yesterday and they are quite delicious. Hard and crunchy on the outside, but gooey on the inside. I've never made brownies before and being a student the extent of my kitchen utensils doesn't quite cover what it takes to make brownies, but in true student style I improvised :) I'm pretty pleased with myself actually.

Though if I told you the horrific amount of sugar and butter that went into the mixture your teeth would fall out immediately in shock.

2) Friday night + photos

Yeah, Friday night was a little bit silly, but we got some nice photos.

I graced the inside of the Lizard for only the 4th time since I came here, which apparently is quite a feat since most students go at least once a week. It's too pokey for me. But, I guess St Andrews is kind of pokey too :)

3. Tutankhamun
This is super geeky, but pretty exciting! The Trafford Centre has King Tut for a few months on his world tour! So my mum is taking Tony and I to the exhibition. I'm going to get to see Tutankhamun. Holy moses. I'm so excited!

Hm hm, I am very much enjoying Tinchy's new song Let it Rain. *do do do* Yah, very good track.

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