Wednesday, 9 February 2011

As you can see I have changed my template once again.

I miss the old one a lot, but this was the nicest one I could find that will allow you lovely people to make comments on each individual post. So you can do that now but clicking on the little number of comments on the left of the post!

Please let me know what you think!

*oh I know there are a lot of things missing at the minute.... I'm trying to figure it out!


  1. I like the new layout because I can leave comments on individual posts- yay!
    Also, the elves were the only good thing about LOTR, imo ;)

    Harry Potter has elves...but they're house elves.

  2. :D I'm still ironing out the creases but I'm much happier with the comments!

    Haha, yes I love Dobby! But I'm talking human - like elves, they're were it's at. I'd love a LOTR spin off thats just about the elves!! :)


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