Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I am a bit of an idiot really. I woke up this morning all mentally prepared to go to the dentist this afternoon (ha) when I realised that sitting with my mouth open for the best part of an hour when I'm full of a cold would be both disgusting and bad manners. So I had to call and rearrange my appointment AGAIN!

Clearly I'm destined to never have my poor teeth sorted out!!

On a much more exciting note...

Tony and I might be getting a hamster!!!! Eeee. We just have to wait for the landlord to decide whether we can or not! They are only £7 would you believe! I was shocked at how cheap they are!

You may be saying "Crazy woman why are you getting a pet, you're a student, low budget, various holidays blah blah blah" but it was all Tony's idea and he seems to have it all planned out, so I'm just letting him go with it!

Plus, I feel "animal lonesomeness"! Having lived with a cat/cats in my home since I was born, one of the most difficult challenges I had to overcome when moving to university was learning to live without them. And I've just about had enough!

Frankie and Maisie as kittens!

It might sound ridiculous to those who don't own pets, but it really makes a difference. It is scientifically proven (don't quote me on this...) that owning animals lowers your blood pressure and regulates your heart rhythm, unless of course you own a crazy rabid dog. So, it's good for you! I do genuinely notice a difference when I'm around animals, everything feels more calm and relaxed. 

I often see the shadow of a cat wandering around my flat out of the corner of my eye and when I remember the impossibility of seeing a cat here, I get a little gloomy and miss my little ones! 

So, hence the reasoning behind getting a pet a uni. Since we're third year too, everything is pretty routine and stable now so we are more capable of looking after a little furry bundle. I would not under any circumstances recommend any first or second years to get a pet. I have experience of friends either accidentally killing or losing their animals. I once heard of someone in my halls trying to get a mouse "high". I never found out what happened to the poor thing...


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