Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I came to the realisation that there are not enough blockbuster movies with Elves in. I can only really think of LOTR.

Elves are so beautiful. Who cares if they are fictional or what not. They are so pretty to look at, I definitely have some strange attraction to their pointy little ears! I've never really bothered to because I'm a bit lazy but I'd love to learn about their "history".

*Nom Nom Nom*

I'm absolutely fascinated by medieval fantasy, oh and stories to do with the Templars. It totally beats real life :D Probably over half of all the books I've ever read have been some sort of fantasy or templar story.
In fact the book I recently finished was Labyrinth (Kate Mosse). It's an absolutely phenomenal dual timeline story of a female archaeologist living in 2008, investigating a strange templar cave and how her life intertwines with the story of the daughter of a French Intendant (pronounced "on-ton-don" in a French accent!), who protects the secret prophecy books in the 1800s. If you haven't read it, I suggest to run yourself down to the nearest bookstore and go buy one because it is definitely a must-read.                                         
Oh, so I just discovered in my elfy searches online, a website that teaches you how to write in Elvish. It is extremely complicated but I managed to figure out how to write my name. I think. It's probably wrong because I couldn't quite figure out where to draw the vowels but it looks pretty cool none-the-less! (Hopefully it should read RACHAEL)

I knew a girl once who taught herself how to speak in Elvish (I think she could read runes too). That's a little bit extreme for me.


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