Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I finally got to visit my best friend Beth at her uni in Liverpool on Monday. We've both been at uni for three years and haven't visited each others universities, which I think is totally crazy especially since were basically like sisters!

I'd always been quite apprehensive because Liverpool is a big scary city and I imagined driving there would be quite scary. I was right too. I had an epic 3 hour battle with my sat nav system trying to get through the busy roads of the inner parts of the city, it should have only taken me 40 minutes to get there...

When I told my dad he laughed and said,
Only a bad workman blames his tools
He's totally right and it's a great quote to keep in mind for general life situations, but in this case it seriously didn't apply. Instead of taking me straight down the motorway on a nice simple journey, I think I drove through every single town between my home and Liverpool. Absolute madness.

After I finally arrived we had a really great night out. We started in a bar called CaVa which sells only tequila. Except they had hundreds of different flavours. I didn't even know tequila came in any other flavor other than bloody vile. Turns out lime flavour is actually really yummy :)

Next we headed to a really classy cocktail bar. Here I was subject to one of the most embarrassing situations I think I've ever been in. A guy with white blonde hair walked past me and over to the bar, he looked puzzingly familiar. I had this vague recollection of a memory that I might have actually known this guy reasonably well at some point. I was too embarrassed to go up and ask him myself so I sent Beth over to ask his name, hoping it might prompt my memory. He took that as a cue to come over and I almost wanted the ground to swallow me up as I had to ask him to explain why and how I knew him.

As the memories came flooding back to me my cheeks started to burn and began to match the bright red colour of my very delicious cocktail. I have never forgotten anyone before, I've always been so proud of that. I find it really disrespectful to forget people and I still feel like a totally horrible human being.

So me and this guy met when doing voluntary work for the Childrens charity Barnardos. We got on really well so decided to go on a date to watch Casino Royale at the cinema and then a second date to have lunch. I vaguely remember discovering we didn't have so much in common after the second date and didn't follow it up. He went off to studying medicine at Liverpool uni and apparently disappeared from my mind. He remembered my name and could recount our short little tale as if it happened yesterday. Eugh. I'm such a bitch :(

He just coincidentally happened to be in all of the same bars as me that night and had actually noticed me earlier in CaVa.

Bleurgh, I'm still so humiliated.

Anyway, the night carried on with no more embarassments, thankfully, and we returned home after having a really great time. Tony had had one too many tequila shots and hilarity ensued when he accidentally put shaving foam on his toothbrush instead of toothpaste.

I was able to drive home today (yesterday) in much less than 3 hours, I really miss Beth now though and would have loved to have spent more than just day living the Liverpudlian student life. I also got to finally meet her new amazing boyfriend and all of her great friends. Eeeh :)

I do have photos but it is now quite late and I am much too tired to dig out my camera, tomorrow perhaps! Hopefully going to watch a football match with Tony tomorrow too. Oh and sadly no trip to see Tutankhamun :( tickets were all sold out. Double boo.

**Would just like to say thanks to Jacky and Christine for their kind comments, I'm feeling much better now thanks, as I expected it didn't seem so bad once I'd slept :)

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