Sunday, 20 February 2011

Panda Love

I got this super cute gift from Tony today, it's a sleep mask and hopefully you can tell from the photo it's a panda :) 

Even though it is super cute it serves a very useful purpose. I wrote in a post way back yonder about a light attached to our/neighbours house that goes on and off repeatedly ever thirty seconds from the moment it gets dark until dawn. Both Tony and I have tried looking outside at night to see where the light is coming from but annoyingly there is nothing!!! How is it possible that all night long through super thick curtains we see a blinking light, yet when we look out of the window everything is dark??? 

Maybe there is some ghostly, ghouly figure out there who clearly has nothing better to do than annoy me for 6 months and counting. 

Well MR GHOUL, you can harass me no longer because I have the power of sleep mask darkness! Woo.

Conveniently I also came across this article today. I don't know how valid the articles are on that website, but if it's really true then it feels like a pretty big coincidence no? Now I think back I may have been feeling a bit less positive about things since I moved in here. I bet Mr Ghoul had it in his plans to drive me to despair until I flee the house in frustration, while he sits happily on the roof (?) chuckling in a ghoulish manner.

What am I blabbing about?

I don't know, but when I was searching back through the archives I realised that my posts used to be a lot funnier. I hope I didn't lose my sense of humour. Oh my. 

I do have some blog posts for you to look forward to though...

1) P. Willy is coming to town...
2) A new Sims game? No way!
3) iPad app of the month ^^
4) PAUL review ;) (I promise no spoilers!)

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