Saturday, 5 February 2011

I've been giving myself some time off from the internet. I thought I'd give my eyes and brain a bit of a well earned rest since I passed my exams and am still on track for honours Psych!!!!!!


I am so relieved I cannot even begin to explain it! Plus I managed to catch a bit of a cold and give it to my whole family, which was a bit rubbish.

My brain is going to be bombarded with Behavioural Neuroscience as of Monday so it's back to the "nose-to-grindstone" mindset that comes with a new term.

I realise that I didn't do the cliche thing and talk about New Years resolutions, which I think should pretty much come as standard where day to day blogging is concerned. I think that might be because I didn't really make one, I couldn't really think of anything that I would be seriously motivated to improve or change. After all of the stress of exams/waiting for results and knowing what I have to do now to keep myself in Honours I think I just made my NYR a month late.

So here it is....
I will (try my best) to work extra hard this semester, read as much recommended reading as I can and make notes early so that revision is actually reviewing what I already know and not trying to re-learn where I didn't really pay attention.
Phew. There it's down in writing, I have no excuses now... :/
Actually, to prove how serious I'm taking this, I already ordered one of the recommended textbooks for part of the course. It cost a heck of a lot too!

I finally have the photos from Liverpool :)

Me, Beth, Monica
Tony, Sam (The Boyfriends...)

It's kind of funny that Sam is almost a foot bigger than Beth. They look ever so amusing when they stand together :) 

Just going to leave you with a highly addicting game I just came across, Entanglement. My high score is only about 40 something so far. I bet you can beat it!

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