Sunday, 27 February 2011

Chinese Supermarket Goodies

Ramen, Pocky (♥), Hello Panda and Green Tea

Goodies from a long overdue trip to the Chinese Supermarket. I am totally obsessed with Asia. I should have been born in Japan or Singapore or something. Fascinating places, and the FOOD. Oh my.

Pocky is my favourite by far. *Nom nom nom*. Milky goodness.

I have a bit of an addiction to Pandan steam buns too, but they had run out today :(

Going to drink my green tea and enjoy a nice early night. Busy week ahead (two essays) and it's Tony's 21st birthday on Saturday so we have a VERY exciting and VERY top-secret weekend to attend to. I can't wait to tell all about it, I've been keeping it buttoned for weeks now!

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  1. I love Asian culture! But, then again, I'm 1/4th Japanese, so... it makes sense for me ;)
    Maybe I'll bump into you when we're both visiting Japan someday!


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