Friday, 25 February 2011


You may have seen all the flurry of news reports over the past few days because Prince William and Kate Middleton would be returning to St Andrews to officially begin the celebrations and fundraising for the 600th Anniversary of the university. 

My graduation year, 2013, is marked as the official 600th year of the uni, with us lucky buggers getting to be the 600th bunch of students to make it through life at St Andrews. The reason it will be stretched over almost three years is because it took from 1410 - 1413 for the university to be officially established, with Pope XIII finally presenting us with the Papal Bull in 1413.

I hope we get a special commemorative gift when we graduate...

Anyway, the hope is to raise 100 million pounds to go towards the university over the next 3 years. Hopefully, some of that will go towards a new library because we're in desperate need. P Wills is the official patron of the celebration/campaign and so he came this morning and gave a lovely speech in St Salvator's Quad and we gave them their first official wedding gift, a scholarship in their honour.

Unfortunately, I was reduced to watching his speech online because I missed out on a place at the ceremony (it was a ballot draw since so many people applied) and also I had class. After class we went out onto North Street to watch Kate and Wills leaving St Andrews. We'd been promised a "public celebration" and crash barriers were laid out all down the street in order to keep the crowd at bay.

Finally they left the ceremony and cheers were heard, which abruptly came to an end as we saw a millisecond glimpse of Kate and Wills in the back of a speeding Range Rover. I'm sure I saw him having a chuckle at us all for waiting for nothing. I felt a little bit cheated.

Turns out that the "public celebrations" were actually at 8.30am this morning in the pouring rain. They just didn't tell that many people because of crowding issues.

Mr Sniper is on the left side of the tower observing with his binoculars!

I'm still kind of disappointed. I did get a photo of the sniper keeping an eye out atop St Sallies Tower and it was kind of fun to see many students lucky enough to live right outside St Sallies Quad hanging out of their windows with Union Jacks.

As much as I hate it when people ask if I only came to St Andrews because Prince Wills went (I didn't even know he went there when I applied, I just thought the place looked like Hogwarts....), I do think it's kind of cool that I'm at the university that the future King of England attended. I am kind of glad that I at least got to be a tiny part of the occasion today too :)


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