Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Today I was lucky enough to spend an hour in a room filled with brains. My psych lab class was supposed to give a bit of a more visual idea of what human, monkey and rat brains really look like, since these are the three most studied. I was NOT aware that the room would be filled with something else also...

We've just had a brand new medical and bioscience department built in town and it resembles something of a giant glass lego brick with a few trees around it in an attempt to hide the fact that it is monstrous and modern, unlike the rest of St Andrews. I have to admit though, it is very cool inside and feels a lot like you're stepping into some fancy hi-tech laboratories.

We were ushered into the "Dissection Room" which is absolutely huge. Most of the room was blocked off with partitions, since us mere psychology students aren't allowed to peruse the equipment that only the elite med students can be trusted with. 

Whilst I was happily feeling my way around both a rat and a macaque brain, Tony poked me and pointed my eyes in the direction of some plastic skeletons. I remember in high school we used to call ours James Bones. Great pun right? Anyway, I wasn't supposed to be looking at the plastic skeletons. In three neat rows of four there were some awfully clinical looking tables, each with two layers. The first row of tables just looked a bit scary, strange metal covers over each layer all bolted up with large handles on. Creepy. But the second two rows were covered with blue plastic sheets and I could clearly see FEET poking up under the sheet...


Yeah, that's right I was in a room surround by at least 8 cadavers. They were the only ones I could see anyway. Eugh. Brains I can totally handle. Cadavers *shudder* no. Even the word sounds gross.

So, I managed to convince myself that there was a serious risk of a full zombie uprising, I had images of legs twitching and blue plastic sheet slipping away to reveal nasty decaying cadaver zombies trying to eat my brains. I figured I could try and offer the preserved brains up as a distraction while I made my escape...

...and for the rest of the class I had one eye on the cadavers and one on the exit.

In seriousness though I just felt a little creeped out about standing in a room full of bodies that used to be all up and walking around. I'm not sure I like the idea. I was already a little concerned that we were poking around in a brain that used to belong to someone - a REAL human being. Mnyeh...

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  1. ...I would be quite disturbed to even be near anything dead. *8* cadavers??? o_O"

    -Barb the French Bean


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