Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I find it slightly ironic that after writing a post about who inspires me I suddenly find myself completely lacking in inspiration. Eurgh.

(To add to my point I've been sitting here for an hour waiting for words to magically appear)

I think I'm going to rant instead. Please bear with me.

To start with I'm in a bit of a grumpy mood because I just used a really luxurious chocolate and shea butter "stress relieving" face mask, completely forgetting that I'm allergic to EVERYTHING. My face is now on fire, bright red and covered in a beautifully flattering rash. Mmmm. GAH. The mask worked otherwise - baby smooth skin (under the rash) and it looks healthy and glowing, although I'm not sure if that's all just because of my allergies. Not sure if the stress relief part counts... *sad face*

Something a friend said the other day really irked me. We splashed out a bit and bought the ridiculously priced cold lattes that Starbucks are selling in Tescos. Pretty yummy I have to say. Casually asking a friend if they'd ever tried one, in order to recommend it, gained the response:

"I don't purchase from Starbucks"

Which would have been fine if it wasn't followed by a dirty look and a repeat of "I would never buy anything from Starbucks", as if I'd just offered to brand him with a hot poker.

If there's one thing that really bothers me, it's people who dislike things just on principle (I know I wrote a post saying I used to dislike pink on principle, but gimme a break I was like 8!). I can think of three reasons that he would "never purchase from Starbucks".

1) It's a franchise
2) They claim to help the environment and those less fortunate but evidence of what they actually do to help leaves some people skeptical
3) All the people who think they are cool drink at Starbucks because it's the cosmopolitan thing to do.

I know it can't be number one, because if you're anti-franchise, surely you are against all franchises, not just those you pick and choose. It's not ok to boycott Starbucks but go get a Subway everyday and still claim to be anti-franchise. I think in the UK and certainly in the US these days it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to be anti-franchise.

Point two, I don't know much about this one. What I do know is that Starbucks has "helping the poor" propaganda EVERYWHERE. I know that whether they actually do what they say or not is under scrutiny from many. Yet again, I feel like even based on this point it's still just him "disliking on principle" because he doesn't actually KNOW whether Starbucks do what they say or not. After watching a documentary for SD class called "The Corporation" (worth a watch if you have 2 and a half hours to spare!) it is quite clear that there isn't a single US company that does what it says. Large corporations lie, they exploit people, they even go as far as killing people and they can get away with it because they have bloody good lawyers. Their methods are unethical and sadly that's how they make so much money. So, I make my point again - if you're going to boycott one company, BOYCOTT THEM ALL. Be true to your convictions for goodness sake.

The third point annoys me most of all. 
He's one of those people that is anti mainstream. I believe they refer to themselves as original and "indie". I'd like to make a small point here. When there's a whole bunch of people being "original and indie" YOU ARE NO LONGER ORIGINAL OR INDIE. He's just like any other person following a trend, the worst thing is that he thinks he's better than other people because he's "above all that". Scoff.

He's the sort that is into, what he calls, "real" music (basically anything played solely on guitar combined with soft, scratchy vocals) and looks disgusted at us when we say we've been watching the XFactor and says it's an injustice to the music industry that people get record deals from it. He paints one of his pinky fingers with nail varnish because it's "original". He is adamant that his opinions are right and there's no other option.

I could go on listing these things but there's a point I'd like to make, I'm not just bitching. I am totally fine with people having their own likes, dislikes and opinions but I can't stand people who absolutely refuse to see any other point of view and most of all people who think they are better than you if you don't like/dislike the same things as them. It's ok to have opinions as long as they are INFORMED. It's ok to have opinions as long as you have weighed up all the options and made your choice accordingly. I get so frustrated with people who just jump on the bandwagon because it seems like it's cool to follow the crowd or to go against the grain and be anarchistic. I especially dislike people who try to force their opinion upon you. It isn't your opinion if it isn't made by YOU. 

I totally accept someone giving me their point of view in order to enable me to make my own opinion, but looking down on me because I choose to be indifferent and grab a coffee at Starbucks when I'm in the area is just rude and disrespectful. 

People who try to take the moral high ground because they think they are right, when all they are actually doing is giving (forcing) their opinion makes me mad.

Ramble ramble ramble, rant rant rant.



  1. OMG i totally just wrote about how indie is the new trendy, and how it's completely unoriginal.
    although, i wrote it in conjunction with indie bookstores.
    i'm just glad someone else out there agrees with me.

  2. I'm glad I got my point across amongst my incoherent ranting. :) I really can't stand these "indie kids"!

  3. OMG i totally just wrote about how indie is the new trendy, and how it's completely unoriginal.
    although, i wrote it in conjunction with indie bookstores.
    i'm just glad someone else out there agrees with me.


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