Wednesday, 30 March 2011

It's getting pretty weird to look at the link to my blogger dashboard everyday and furrowing my brow in frustration at my lack of creativity.

I'm back at home now anyway, I've two weeks to chill out (sort of). Easter's at such a funny time this year and most uni's moved their holidays accordingly. Ours didn't though, so I'm stuck at home while all my friends are still away. Tony has gone back to the Caribbean for the holiday and I'm utterly jealous of the break and sunshine he's getting and I absolutely hate it when he's gone. I think I'm going to go back to St Andrews at the end of these two weeks more stressed that when I left. I'm feeling totally sorry for myself. I've been home three days and I'm going out of my mind with boredom already. I hate it when I get to the stage that I'm so bored I can't even be bothered to start tackling the small mountain of work I have to do. I wouldn't mind if my family were around but my parents both have 9 to 5's and my sister has college. Even my nan goes to a day centre. ARGH.

I've never had work over the Easter holiday before and I can confirm it is the worst feeling, especially since a Christmas break is out of the question with exams right after. I think lecturers want to make us suffer. They get a nice spring break, with nothing to worry about until they get back. Students can't possibly have two weeks off where they get to de-stress and forget about work for a while. Oh no. I think that's why I want to be teacher, so I can get back at all these sadistic people who seem to think students don't do anything other than work. Of course, I wouldn't be that kind of teacher at all! :)

Speaking of teachers, I was supposed to have organised some work experience at my primary school for this holiday, but I got so bogged down with work that I forgot to contact them until it was too late. Kind of lucky I didn't though because I have too much work to get through anyway.

I'll be seeing a friend of mine next week though, so I'm looking forward to that. She only lives 2 houses away from me, but she's pregnant and due in a few weeks so she's doing the rounds of all her extended family this week, before she gets to exhausted to move. I had a really weird dream last night that she gave birth to a cat. I'm really excited for the baby to come, we don't know if it's going to be a girl or a boy yet, it's going to be a surprise on the day. I think she's mad keeping it secret, I'd be so stressed not knowing what colours to paint the nursery and buy clothes in. I'm jealous too, I'm definitely old enough to be broody, aren't I? I could happily pack in university and settle down and start a family. Seems much more appealing to me right now. Although, I think I'd be a terrible mother. Definitely wish I could be around for the birth, the little mite will be a few months old before I get back. I'm hoping I'll be around enough to be referred to as "Auntie Rach". That would be cute :) Can't wait to go clothes shopping too. Baby outfits are ridiculously cute.

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