Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I've been seriously neglecting this blog recently. I've been faffing around on Twitter and Tumblr because they're both a really easy way of avoiding work. Plus, I still have no inspiration for blogging. I used to just blog out my random, hyper, ridiculous thoughts, but I seem to have lost all sense of imagination. 

Maybe it's because I have a lot of work on at the moment, though I can't be sure. Spring break starts this weekend and I'm telling you it couldn't come any faster.

I've been feeling very uncreative and having some serious creativity envy whilst stumbling/youtubing/view other peoples blogs and websites. I tried to think of something creative that I might b good at, but I'm not very artistic or musical. I certainly don't have an "eye" for what's artistically amazing and what's total crap. It's very traumatising. I thought about trying my hand at animation, but it seems like a lot of effort.

Oh, by the way - NEVER buy Chicken Noodle Soup in can from Sainsbury's. FYI, it's disgusting.

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