Thursday, 10 March 2011


I've had the most mediocre week. It consisted of studying and cleaning. Wahoo.

I want to share with you all a little bit about a blogger who inspires me. In fact I think she gave me the little spark I needed to start noting my thoughts down in the blogosphere too.

I've been spending all of my time reading Xiaxue's blog. I'm completely immersed in her life and it's a little bit insane. I've been reading her archives, right from the very beginning. It's taken me over 6 months and I've made it from 2003 to 2009, so I don't have long to go before I've caught up. I promised myself that I wouldn't read any recent posts until I was completely caught up. 

I've always had mad love for Asia but now I really, really want to visit Singapore, even live there! One of my housemates in 2nd year was from Singapore and I kept promising her I would visit, the tickets are just so expensive from the UK. The place looks beautiful and I love the way the country is run - I want in!!

Xiaxue's often misunderstood because she's extremely outspoken, says whatever is on her mind and doesn't give a monkey's backside about what people thing about her. I think she's great! Even though so many people dislike her, she still manages to get an obscene amount of unique visitors each day (well over 20,000), has numerous TV shows and has had her blog added to Singapore's national archives. She's literally turned herself into a national treasure just by starting a blog (which she initially just wrote in between going to school and working as a banquet waitress) and being bloody awesome at it.

The thing I love most about her is that she's almost always right. She will write a controversial blog post and give her honest opinions about it, people will then flame her and newspapers will call her racist/judgemental/bimbo blah blah and she will keep her chin up and just ride it out like it's no big deal. Almost without fail, a few weeks or months down the line, something will come up that will prover her opinion to be completely valid/un-racist/un-judgemental etc and it's so satisfying to see her getting one over on all of the idiots that claim to "hate" her so much.

I admire her quite a bit for being so strong and just giving her signature "bah" to anyone that tries to put her down, I'd love to take a leaf out of her book and be such a strong woman myself. If only it was so easy! I don't know how I'd feel if I had so many people that seemingly make it their sole mission in life to try and make my life a misery. The sad thing about them is that they'll never achieve it no matter how hard they try.

One of my favourite things about the way Xiaxue blogs is her disdain towards "stupid people". I completely agree with her whenever she talks about this. So many times her posts have been misunderstood by "stupid people", it's like some people read what they want to read, rather than what is actually there. It annoys me to see people getting angry and fired up about completely irrelevant things, she doesn't deserve half the trouble she gets from some of the blog readers who are there simply to put her down. I don't think there's been a single occasion where I've read a post and misunderstood her meaning behind it. She often writes extremely sarcastic posts, now I'm not sure if it's because I'm British that I can easily tell the difference between her sarcasm and seriousness but it seems a lot of people can't. One time she wrote a hilarious post about how she had been away and had a sex change to become a man. Quite clearly the whole thing was a bit of sarcastic entertainment, but of course some stupid people took it seriously and the story was published in a local newspaper!

People call her fat, ugly, short, bimbo... but honestly I think she's really beautiful. She openly admits she photoshops all of her photos and she is damn good at it too, but honestly I think that regardless of her (fantastic) make up skills and all that, she is still naturally beautiful because she is completely herself and you don't really find many people these days that are totally comfortable with showing the world exactly who they are on the inside. She understands that being yourself on the inside is most important and all the additions to make yourself look pretty on the outside are just a wonderful bonus!

I hope Xiaxue continues to blog far into the future, because as long as I have access to the internet I'll continue reading her thoughts, feelings and life stories. Her blog posts always keep me thoroughly engaged and she makes you feel as though you're laughing, smiling and frowning your way through life along with her. It's kind of like the most in depth, detailed and fascinating autobiography you will ever read.

I highly recommend that you go and have a read of some of her blog posts, whether you agree or disagree with what she says, she's still a damn good blogger.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear who inspires you in the blogging world too!

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