Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pinch and a punch, it's the first of the month! :)

So, I promised a bit of a review of Paul for those of you not lucky enough to be British and have it in the cinemas already.

If I were to give it stars out of five: 

The main reason I only gave it a four? Well, nothing can be perfect really can it...

Needless to say I LOVED Paul, it's a brilliant tribute to Spielberg and great for all you scifi nerds out there to have fun spotting all the little references to the classics, such as Star Wars, ET and the XFiles.

The movie is funny, heartwarming, ridiculous and has a brilliantly unexpected ending.
The comedy is fantastic, although Simon Pegg is a genius so really anything he stars in usually turns out to be pretty funny. I also really enjoy the "religion vs evolution" banter that runs throughout the film, they portray the age old debate in a great way, even if it is a little bit one sided - I still think that those who firmly believe in religion over evolution can appreciate the humour in this film. Just take it with a pinch of salt ;)

It's a very easy movie to watch and had me laughing out loud every five minutes. I highly recommend it!

Bibi's Bakery
Now I would like to tell you all about a fabulous little place in St Andrews that makes and sells the most amazing cupcakes you will ever eat in your entire life (probably!).

Bibi's has both a bakery and a cafe in St Andrews and recently opened a store in Edinburgh too. If you are lucky enough to live nearby you can place your order online and collect then in store. No online delivery service yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed as they'd make the most amazing gifts! They come in cute little boxes with the Bibi's logo too!

They have the most amazing selection of flavours and when I last went to buy some I simply couldn't decide so I asked for the assistant to choose six random flavours for me. You can see in the photo above the cupcakes I received and they were all divine

Flavours (photo):

After Eight
Chocolate and Marshmallow

I can't remember the flavour of the purple one, but it was just a yummy delicious as the others.

I might have to go and get some more tomorrow.

**Nom nom nom**

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  1. I love Paul! It's amazing, I really wasn't in the mood on valentines day when it came out to see it but, bless him, my dad forced me to go see it with me and I'm really glad I did :)

    Those cupcakes look so yummy !


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