Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Haul

Since it was Easter weekend and I was feeling sorry for myself not being at home and getting lots of chocolate, I decided to go on a bit of an Easter shopping spree. I allocated a strict budget of £50 to myself otherwise I'd probably go overboard and spend all of my money! I bought some super cute things, I'll add links by each one just incase anyone else likes what they see.

1) ASOS Easy Tee - £12
I got this in the cream colour show above, it will be perfect for both sunny British days and when I go away. I love the pocket detail too :) Get it here.

2) Forever21 Doilie Fix Knit Tunic - £16.75
I can definitely see this being another of my Spring/Summer staples this year and will match perfectly with the most gorgeous pair of sandals I plan to buy for my holidays! Get it here.

3) Forever21 Basic Knit Skirt - £5.50
I have an absolutely endless supply of vest tops in a multitude of colours so I know I'll be wearing this a lot :) Get it here.

4) Boohoo Gwyn Bow Charm Double Beaded Bracelet - £3.00
I'm a total sucker for cute sparkly things so I couldn't resist buying when I saw this! Get it here.

5) Boohoo Ali Fairisle Printed Fleece Hoody - £15.00
I know this is totally out of season but I always struggle finding warm clothes that I like when winter comes and I know there's never any harm in buying early :) Plus it looks like it'll make a super comfy top for wearing around the house. If you're not a strictly seasonal buyer like me, you can grab one here!

So I know that comes to a total over £50 (I told you I couldn't help myself), but I think I can allow myself a little treat :D.

I'm actually super impressed with Forever21, I totally love the clothes there but I've never bothered to look online before because I assumed their shipping would be extortionate since it's a US company. To my pleasant surprise shipping was only about £4 and they promise to deliver within 4 days! Amazing ♥

One final item I have to include is something that's going to have to stay on my wish list for a little while. How super cute is this bag???? I can't decide which colour I like best! Let me know what you think about the bags and which items you like best :)  


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