Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Frivolities!

Did everyone enjoy their day off yesterday? I think it would have been seriously wrong of me to miss out on the royal wedding yesterday, being at St Andrews and all. So I woke up super early (for me) and settled down with a cuppa to watch the wedding :)

If you watched on ITV you would have seen the news reports from St Sallies quad -  didn't go to the champagne breakfast event because we had to apply for a ticket and I didn't manage to get one :( Too many applicants! But I saw them preparing for the event on my way back from class on Thursday and snapped a photo of the empty quad, you can just see the news reporter getting his hair and make up fixed on the right, I guess it was a rehearsal :)

Felt super proud to be British yesterday and even more proud to be at St Andrews :)

I thought that Kate looked absolutely stunning and definitely looked like a princess in her beautiful gown. Not sure about all this hoo-ha in the press about Pippa. I thought she was older than Kate before I read the news reports, I was surprised she was younger and I really don't think she looked better than Kate, pretty but she has nothing on her sister. Just sayin'. *shrug*

I watched the movie William and Kate yesterday too. Good god it was the most cheesey film I've ever seen and all of the parts supposedly filmed in St Andrews totally weren't. It doesn't look that much like they made out in the movie. We were all laughing so hard at how they portrayed us, was kind of surreal really! There were one or two overhead shots of the town thrown in, but even some of those were elsewhere. I suppose it was cute though :)

It's the May Dip tonight/tomorrow morning. Everyone starts getting drunk in about an hours time and then drunkenly runs into the sea at sunrise. It's a daft tradition... I'm going to be there, like I have every year although I've never been brave or drunk enough to run into the freezing sea. Who knows if tonight'll be the night??


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