Thursday, 12 May 2011


I've been gone a lot of days, I know, but I have two very good reasons (unfortunately!)

1. It's that time of year again - Exam time! :( :( :( I have my exams in just over a week and I'm literally working 9am - 10pm with breaks for food and not much else. Horrible but I know it's probably worth it in the end. I might actually just call this a hiatus until 25th May when I will be back with no excuses and a whole summer of blogging from the sunny Caribbean islands!! :)

2. Blogger has not been letting my sign in for the last 3 or 4 days...anyone else had this? Loads of weird places on my blog home page were replaced with a box to enter my password. When I finally got onto the sign in page, I typed my password correctly a bajillion times and it just reloaded the page. Very annoying!! I wasn't even able to look at comments or anything :/

So I'll probably be MIA for a bit longer :( I'll pic up the 30 day challenge when I return. I'll still be reading others when I can though! :)

In the mean time I was wondering about how so many people host comeptitions - is it out of your own pocket, or by sponsors? If it's sponsors how do you get them? Very intrigued :)

Anyway, got to go continue learning about Psychology... *YAY*


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