Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Yay! Exams are over, finally. Except they aren't really because I got so ill with the flu over the weekend that I couldn't make it to my exam yesterday. I have to wait until September before I can take it. :( I'm just glad it wasn't an important exam and that I got the Psych one out of the way before I got all ill. Eurgh.

So now I'm all about recovering and packing up the house. Sort of excited to be putting everything away into boxes. Just have to remember what the flat looked like before we moved in so the landlord doesn't stress about things being moved around! 

Packing up is super exciting too because it means it's holiday shopping time! Yay. I'm definitely on the hunt for a nice maxi dress to take with me and I'm pretty sure I'll need a pirate fancy dress outfit of some sort. 

I'll be leaving for the Caribbean in less than two weeks, which is always very exciting. Hopefully means there will be lots of shiny new photos to share with you all! :) Plus I might try doing some "outfit of the day" posts. We'll have to see how that goes though as I'm pretty self conscious and will feel a bit weird regularly posting photos of myself.

Also have something SO mega exciting to share that involves the cast of one of my favourite shows, the "thing" will be happening around the end of June (if it happens at all, it's all rumour at the moment) but it's top secret for now so you'll have to wait a while but I promise it's worth it! 

Think that's all, going to go and get back to recovering from this nasty flu once and for all!



  1. Lucky you for going away soon :) i can't wait to see the pictures...

    yay for finishing your exams, i bet you feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders... :P

    Get Well Soon

  2. Awesome :) have fun on your trip <3

  3. The Caribbean is AWESOME! You'll LOVE IT. Get super tan for me and have a bahama mama or two ;)

  4. Awesome :) have fun on your trip <3


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