Monday, 2 May 2011

Looking for your own prince charming?

After all the royal wedding hype this weekend I don't know many girls who aren't desperate to marry a prince  and live the life every little girl dreams of.  Here's a list of ten eligible princes that are still up for 
grabs! Hope is not lost, take your pick ladies!

10. Wenceslas Prince of Nassau, 20

9. Sebastien Prince of Luxembourg, 18

8. Maximilian Prince Zu Windisch-Graetz, 20

7. Louis Ducruet of Monaco, 18

6. Prince Harry of Wales, 26

5. Joachim Archduke of Austria, Prince of Belgium, 17

4. Hussein Bin Abdullah Prince of Jordan, 16

3. Carl-Johann Prince of Nassau, 18

2. Alexander Hector Marie Karl Leopold Marcus d'Aviano Prince of Austria, 21

I saved the best til last ladies...
1. Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden, 31



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