Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Hectic & Glee-ful Week ;)

I have this week every year now. I spend a few days packing up my room/flat at uni, drive the five hours home, chuck it all in the garage and then forget where I put everything. I got home friday night and it has literally taken me a few hours of searching and thinking every day since then to find my computer charger. 

I'm dreading finding everything when it comes to packing this weekend. I always do it at the last minute and I've forgotten something the last two years in a row that I've been.

I've been doing lots of holiday shopping this week though, buying clothes obviously, but Tony and I buy a lot of yummy food and other stuff too because Tortola is so small there is a lot you can't get on island and barely any company will ship there. I'll be sure to take some photos of the cute clothes I've bought and write another post soon!

So one of the last posts I wrote was about how something very super exciting that's going to happen in summer. I heard about it through Tony's cousin so I wasn't sure if it was just rumour but I recently saw it on someone else's website so I'm guessing it's official....

There's this thing in the BVI every summer called the Highland Spring HIHO, it's like a water sports week long camp thingy. I don't know but loads of young people come to take part every year and they finish the whole thing off at the end of the week with the famous Last Resort Pirate Party. Tony and I have been to the pirate party the last two summers I was out there but we didn't really put that much effort into to dressing up BUT this year...
...I've gone the whole hog and made a real effort with my outfit :) I'm very pleased with the way it's turned out! Just got to buy some black shorts and some stripey socks to finish it off I think.

That's not the exciting thing though - the real news that I'm sooo excited about is that the cast of Glee are coming to HIHO this year to film part of an episode and they will be attending and filming at the pirate party. I can't believe it, Tortola is like the tiniest island in the middle of nowhere and the cast of my fav show are going to be hanging out there for a whole week. Eeeeeeeeeek. I'm so excited it's a little bit sad really. I'm a massive Gleek! :)



  1. That's amazing and has made me incredibly jealous!! Hope you have loads of fun partying away with the Glee guys! Take lots of pictures :)

  2. SO JEALOUS!! Word's cannot even describe!! Take hundreds of photos and give my love to them all! (especially Corey <3 ) and hope you have a wonderful time!!


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