Monday, 6 June 2011

Hello from the Big Apple... (almost!)

So, I've been killing time in New York JFK Airport for the past 5 hours! Finally found an internet connection and oh my it's quite a good day!!

I have to take a bajillion flights to get to Tortola but I'm starting to get used to the journey and waiting around a lot now I've done it a few times.

Might be lucky enough to get upgraded on this next flight, which is kind of exciting as it'll be my first ever non-economy class experience! You get a lot of perks for flying halfway across the world every year!

Also, since I got onto the internet I was able to receive my results from my exams and I am SO happy because I got the grade and needed and made it into honours Psychology! I'm going to have to work super hard for the next two years but it's way more than worth it. It's a super load off of my mind and I really feel like I can fully enjoy my holiday now. Of course it's not a solid shoo in for honours because I missed my SD exam when I had the flu, but as long as I pass that in September I'm in and I know I will because it's kind of easy! :)

I tried the :10 Minute Manicure service while I've been waiting around here too, a treat from Tony and I'm super happy with the results! It's very shiny and she did such a good job. Sad to say it was actually my first ever manicure but I'll sure be getting so many more after today!! :D

I promised to show some of the holiday clothes I bought but I had a hectic day doing final shopping and packing so instead I'm going to try and do "outfit of the day" posts when I can. Maybe I can even give some holiday outfit inspiration :D

Since I'm travelling today I'm in my favourite jeans, a bright blue superman tee I bought at HMV last week and some cheap light blue pumps from Primark and a Navy cardigan from Hollister for keeping warm. A very blue outfit!


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