Saturday, 18 June 2011

Internet troubles...

The internet has been going up and down every five minutes for the past few days so I've literally been lucky to get on here at all. Hopefully it's all fixed now, we had to have a whole new cable put into the house. Trying to get working internet on such a tiny island isn't easy! 

Also, since I'm using Tony's computer it's hard for me to get my own time in to take girly photos and write posts, but I promise I have a few posts up my sleeve just as soon as I can load my photos onto here! I'm just sitting around watching the boys play Call of Duty at the moment, so this would be the perfect time to blog properly... but of course, my camera is at the other side of the house, it's11pm and the puppies bark when you go in the room so I'd wake everybody up :(

I do really want to start holding giveaways soon, it's always fun entering other peoples so I'd love to do that for my lovely readers! I can't until I get back to England, if I sent something from here it would probably take until the end of the summer to reach it's destination!!


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