Saturday, 30 July 2011

Del Sol - Superhero

Del Sol is a great brand available in the Caribbean and I see it almost every time I go and visit islands outside of the BVI. Del Sol sell all kinds of clothing and accessories, but the exciting thing is that absolutely everything they sell changes colour in the sun (and UV)!

I bought one bottle of nail varnish priced at $10, which I found a little on the expensive side, even for what claimed to be magical colour changing nail varnish!

I originally tried it out on just one fingernail to see if it actually changed colour and was pleasantly surprised!
The nail varnish colour is called Superhero and according to the label changes to a metallic pink when you go outside.

And so I step out into the sun and here are the results...

Hopefully you can see the difference!
I stuck the hand on the left out in the sun and kept my right hand in the shade, hopefully you can see the pinky purple colour of the left hand. I promise the photo does not do the colour change justice! It's much more obvious when you see it for real! :)

I really love the metallic colour and I'm so happy it isn't one of those cheap brands that claims to change colour but doesn't work!

I also bought a set of colour changing hair clips that go from clear...

to colourful!

N.B. Photo taken when rainy and overcast! More sun = stronger colour!

The clothing is also really well done. Most items are white with a design on, and the design changes colour outside. I bought this cute dress for my sister to take on holiday with her...

But I'm not going to tell her that when she goes out into the sun it will look like this...!

This goes much much more pink when it isn't raining!! :)

I've just mailed  to ask if they ship to the UK, so if you're interested in ordering let me know and I'll tell you when I find out! Hopefully they'll say yes, I want some more nail varnish!! :) 



  1. I love that nail varnish, i want to see the colour changing picture though :)
    I love all these colour changing items, it reminds me of the plastic spoons you used to be able to get that changed colour when you put them in the freezer or when they got warm!:)

  2. Ack it posted before I could get a photo in the sun! I'll upload it soon though I promise!!

    I remember those spoons, I used to love them! didn't they come free with something. Cereal wasn't it? And they usually had cartoon characters on the ends. I miss them!! x

  3. I love that dress! It's so adorable.

  4. Love that colour of nail varnish rach! :)


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