Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Exam makes me crazy!

Honestly I'm acting like a crazy person. 
It's worse that I'm alone in a flat, in student halls that I've never been anywhere near before (I was adventurous in my first year...) and I'm literally going mad. I don't have Tony here to remind me where my sanity has gone either...

I think I might be bipolar. One minute the world is wonderful, the hypothetical sun is shining (unfortunately not the real one!), I'm fully prepared for my exam and feeling good about it. The next minute I'm crying and having heart palpitations because I'm convinced I'm going to fail and be a uni drop out and my whole life will turn into a big mess over a stupid exam that isn't even my major. 

Why can't I just decide if I'm positive or not and stick to one of them. I don't even mind acting like negative Nancy as long as I don't suddenly turn into positive Polly one second later!

One day and counting to my exam. I hope I don't spontaneously combust tomorrow and miss my exam again. Actually, if it means I don't have to do my exam at all......



  1. Your not alone with this feeling, i think its called stress, i'm the same one minute I'm fine and the days great, life couldn't get better!

    Next minute i'm on the rampage screaming at everyone to go away and leave me alone, i'm like a ticking bomb when i'm in a mood!lol!
    Your only human!

    P.s think you'll do well on your exam, you sound like your putting your all in it to feel the way you do :)

  2. Aww hun don't panic or worry about it all, we all get like it when it comes to exams and studies. I am sure that you will do amazing and doing your best is all you can do :) just think when it is all over and done with you can relax and have a lovely time stress free.

    Sending lots of love xxxx

  3. I know exactly what you're talking about. = ( I hope everything went well.

  4. Thanks guys :) I think it went ok in the end! Only two more years to go through exam stress and then I can finally say it's over!! :) xxx


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