Saturday, 27 August 2011

GlossyBox or Boudoir Prive?

What to do, what to do? I've seen many reviews and posts about these two companies and I love the idea of getting a selection of samples to try every month! But I don't know which to choose. I've had a good look at them both and here's how I see it so far...

  • I had a look on their website and the range of companies that you might get products from is pretty decent (27 altogether). There's quite a few, some I've heard of and some I haven't. 
  • I believe the price has recently gone up from £10 a month adding on about £2 or so for postage. 
  • I've seen a few Youtube videos and blog reviews about these products and most of them have been really positive, which is what has got me so interested in the first place.
  • The box they come in is super cute and, as I've seen someone else suggest, they look like they'd be great for storage (I definitely have a lot of junk to hide away!)
  • Even though the website says you will receive 5 "product miniatures", I've noticed that sometimes they send full size products in the boxes, not just small sample size containers.
  • Some of the items that come in their original size are worth more than the total cost of the box altogether!

  • Boudoir Prive only has 6 partner companies.
  • Boudoir Prive currently costs £10 a month, including postage.
  • As far as I'm aware, the first box from this company is only just being rolled out, so I haven't been able to see reviews on this product to find out whether it's worth the money!
  • The box the products arrive in is also really lovely, much more grown up and sophisticated than the GlossyBox.
  • The website says you will receive 5 or 6 "deluxe size samples" - does this mean full size?
I'm a bit stuck with which to choose. I'm sort of swaying towards GlossyBox because it seems the products are more relevant to me and my age. I'm just not sure if BoudoirPrive might be better value for money if they're sending out full size products!

Has anyone else subscribed to either of these websites? Has anyone received either of their boxes? If you know anything that can help me decide, please do let me know! 



  1. I'm subscribed to Glossy Box and I've really liked every box I've got so far! I think Glossy Box is better for make-up lovers and is more suited to younger people. Boudoir Prive seems to be more grown up to me! I've seen a few videos on YouTube on it.

    I might have to stop subscribing to GB now though as I don't know if I can afford the postage!


  2. That's helpful, thanks hun. Yeah being on a student loan is the only thing that worries me about subscriptions! Not sure if I'll have enough money :( xxx


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