Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hook Bracelet

I'm not sure if anyone has seen or heard of these, but they're a bit of a Caribbean trend at the moment and I think they're made on St John (USVI). 

I don't often wear plain silver jewellery but that's the only metal they make these bracelets in, apart from being able to get the hook part in gold.

I was going to buy the exact same bracelet as mine with a gold heart instead but that would have set me back a hefty $300. I bought this one in St Kitts in a small jewellery store, they were selling to tourists at half price so I got it for $67 which I thought was quite reasonable.

They had some other gorgeous hook designs too including a plain U shape and a dolphin. I really hope these make it over to the UK as I think they'd make perfect gifts if they were a bit cheaper!

I literally haven't taken mine off since I've bought it, I absolutely love it! What do you think? ♥


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