Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I'm a winner! :)

Way back in June I won a blog giveaway on Life of a Sweetaholic, this was another that I'd won while I was away in the Caribbean so I had to wait until last week when I was home to receive my nail art goodies! I've finally gotten round to using them properly and I love them!

Close-up of the stickers!
I decided to pain my nails black and use the white flower stickers and I also put some on my sisters nails in pink! :)

Close ups...


I almost can't wait until I have to redo my nails so I can stick on some more :) I might just be hooked on nail stickers now :D



  1. I love these :) especially the pink one's!
    you've reminded me i need to break out my nail stickers i also won!


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