Friday, 26 August 2011

It's almost that time of year again...

This time of year is always a bad one for me. It's only a few weeks away from uni starting again and that means Freshers Week, which means a lot of nights out!

Since I'm now officially a third year student I'm obliged to adopt kids and become an academic parent (I tried to last year but it didn't feel like it was my real third year, so I gave up). I guess I'll have to explain the whole academic parenting thing in another post. It involves a lot of alcohol anyway.

So potentially 7 nights out in a row means I need more outfits!!! I've been poking around on all the usual websites (instead of studying for my exam :/) and found a few bits and pieces that I can't wait to get my mitts on!

Aldara Tailored Lace Pleat Dress

Gothic Lolita Shimmering Black Rose Ring
(I have a lot of black dresses and not enough black accessories!) 

Bow Babydoll Prom Dress
We have this thing called Bongo Ball every year, it's animal/Africa themed, it's one of my favourite events. This dress would be perfect for this year ;) Not sure if a zip up dress will fit me though :(

Bodycon Contrast Dress
This is my alternative to the dress above, I might end up going for this since the loose top is more likely to fit my top heavy frame!

Cut-out Back Bodycon
If you hadn't noticed I'm a big fan of bodycon ;)

Pink and Black Floral Tunic Dress

Giant Panda T-Shirt
This is obviously not for nights out, I just love pandas! :)



  1. Panda T-shirt :)
    I love all of these dresses, you have very similar stlye to me!
    and i loooove that peacock stlye dress thats in both styles, its so unique, the bofycon ones a keeper :)

  2. Yeah I'm seriously thinking of getting that dress! :D x


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