Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Movies I'm looking forward to!

There are a few films out at the moment that I'm desperate to see, but I promised Tony I'd wait until he comes back to the UK so we can watch them together. So for now I just have to wait and wish time would move much faster!

One Day
I absolutely love Anne Hathway and mushy romantic films! Might take a bit of convincing to get Tony to watch this one with me ;)

Fright Night
I've heard rumours that this film is pretty good and I love, love David Tennant! So I'm excited for this one :)

I used to watch the Smurfs religiously as a child so I'm interested to see what they've done with it and how a mixture of cartoony Smurf and real live film turns out :)

This last one is a bit of a no brainer and I feel like everyone I know has seen it except me, this is the one I'm most desperate to see! I'm a huge Inbetweeners fan!

What movies are you looking forward to this Autumn? 



  1. You will love the inbetweeners movie, it is such a brilliant film and giggles all the way through it!! I cannot wait to go and see The Change-up with Ryan Reynolds ;) and Friends with Benefits both look super funny!! xxx I love the new blog header by the way hun xxx

  2. Oh gosh, totally forgot about Friends with Benefits! So much to see, so little time! Watching the 3rd Twilight with my mum tonight, very excited ;P
    Thanks for the kind comments about the header :) xxxx

  3. oooh i want to watch one day :)
    i've alos got free tickets to go and watch fright night next week in bolton :)
    if you have sky you can sign upto free previews!

    i have a slight obsession with vampires, although daz is unaware this is why i want to see this :P

  4. Oh my, lucky! I go to Bolton cinema all the time, I only live 5 mins away! Is it the one in the Valley you're going to? Definitely have a thing for vampires too ;) xxx


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