Saturday, 27 August 2011

Shoe Disaster

These are part of the new "Skate Moss" shoe range by DSquared2. I can safely say that I think they are awful and I'm not sure how you're meant to walk in these without breaking any bones.
Also, I'm pretty sure that sticky out part at the back could cause some serious damage!

Oh, and if you were to buy these, they'd set you back a hefty £1,500.

I don't usually write posts on anything high fashion like this, but these are honestly the most ridiculous of all shoes I've seen!



  1. Daniellejordanterry27 August 2011 at 12:20

    Oh my! Lol!
    I'm not sure at all how you would walk in these bad girls lol! I am not a fan! Haha! I am putting your blog into my fave blog list in my side bar :) I see I am already in yours :) thank you so much!
    Also I love The header for your blog with The orange flowers :) big thumbs up from me :) I hope you are well Hun :) lots of love :) xox xox xox

  2. Yeah I love reading your blog hun! Thanks so much for putting me in your sidebar! :) ♥
    Thanks for the kind comments! xx

  3. These are crazy! they would be lush if it wasn't for the weird bit over the bottom!


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