Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Surprise Cruise! - Day 4

I woke the next morning in the absolutely beautiful, beautiful island of St Lucia! We went up into the rainforest that day on an aerial tram ride and the view coming down was pretty spectacular! I also bought some banana ketchup in the shops there, it's a speciality of St Lucia. I tasted some and it tastes almost like normal ketchup with a slightly sweet twist and is actually really nice!

Balcony view of St Lucia
View from the top of the rainforest mountain
Towel Doggie!

Day 5 coming soon!

If you missed the previous days:


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  1. I love the view from the aeril tram ride!wow!
    it sounds like your having a great time, i'm not jealous at all :/ lol!

    Banana ketchup sounds a little strange but i'm intrigued to buy some :)


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