Monday, 22 August 2011

Surprise Cruise!: Last Day!!

One the very last day on the cruise we arrived in St Maarten, which is the dutch part of the island (the other half is called St Martin and belongs to the French!).
It was a stormy day and it didn't look like the weather was going to hold out very long! We were supposed to go horseback riding through the countryside and then on the beach but we're kind of glad it was fully booked when a big squall came through! We still popped out in the rain to explore the touristy port area!

Picked up this cute & comfy tee!
(Cool story about the t-shirt above! When we arrived home in the airport on Tortola on the way back from the cruise, Cory Monteith from Glee was also on the same flight(!!) arriving to hop over the Richard Branson's exclusive resort on Necker Island - which burned down last night in a hurricane lightning storm, Kate Winslet saved his 90yr old gran! Love and thoughts to him and his family - we got to queue in the residents line at immigration because, of course, Tony lives and was born there and Cory got to go in residents line too because he was VIP and it was short (just us!) and he SMILED AT ME. I melted into a shaky mess. DESPERATELY wanted his photo but he looked like he was happy not being recognised so I left him alone.... biggest regret EVER!!)

Since it was our last night and the cruise was part of my birthday present, I was surprised with a yummy yummy birthday cake and a singsong at dinner!

Towel Seal!

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  1. I loved reading all about your trip :)
    How cool was that about Cory being on the same flight, ahhhh!! xxx

  2. I know! I don't think I'm ever going to get over not getting a photo with him! :S xxx

  3. wooow, i bet that was a dream come true since your a glee fan :)
    i probs would of done the same as you.
    the last famous person i bumped into was alex zane and steve jones, i have a pic sandwitched between them both where i look terrible!at the time i hadn't the foggiest who they were it was my boyf who spotted them!

    i love the lie guard shirt to :)
    yummy birthday cake to, looks and sounds like you had an amazing holiday!

  4. Oooh, don't think I'd know who there were if I saw them out and about either, but I am a big fan of Steve Jones, he's quite yummy :D xxx


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