Wednesday, 21 September 2011

10. Your views on drugs and alcohol

Well, I am a student so my views on alcohol are completely irrelevant! I love to go out drinking, I love sitting in with my girlies and sipping on wine, I love going out on the town and drinking until I forget how to use my legs, I love going for quiet cocktails with my girls. Don't get me wrong though I'm not an alcoholic haha, just a student. Though it sounds like I drink obnoxiously, you'd be surprised at how often I go out and don't drink at all or only have one glass! I'm sensible most of the time.

When it comes to drugs I like to think I'm quite open about them. Before I came to St Andrews I was so naive and I knew literally nothing about drugs at all, but there's a lot of money in this town and I've learned that lots of money inevitably leads to lots of drugs. 

I have lots of friends who have tried or regularly take cocaine, MDMA, ritalin, LSD and everything else you can imagine. I know you must be imagining what sort of friends I have now, but honestly most of the time you can't tell the difference between people who take drugs and those who don't, they're just normal people! 

I also learned that a surprisingly huge portion of people smoke marijuana. I am the sort of person that will absolutely never take any of the horrendous, horrible, addictive chemical drugs - I've seen and heard enough from friends to know that it's absolutely not something I ever want to do. I am open to trying marijuana though and I have a couple times, it's really relaxing! When I visited Amsterdam I had some cookies and brownies but not joints and I don't really like to smoke and it sets off my asthma. The only other thing I'd try is mushrooms, one year I'll be brave enough to have the mushroom tea at Bomba's Full Moon Party in the Caribbean!



  1. Of every virtue gives renown to men! Following!

  2. Being a former uni student, I feel exactly like you! I'm not really a regular drinker, but I love going out with my friends and have crazy fun, giggle for no reason and dance the night away! I'm a good girl really, so it's great to let my hair down once in a while.. :) As for drugs, haven't tried anything really - and have no desire whatsoever to do so - but my little secret is that I would LOVE to try those brownies you were talking about... I tried smoking a joint once, but I'm hopeless at it ... Thank god! I'll definitely stick to the edible and sweeter version if I ever get the chance ;) xx♥

  3. I 100% agree with you on this, i'm the same when it comes to drinking, i like quiet drinks and then i like the nights where i can get a little bit more tipsy than i do and cringe the day after.
    i would never try any harmful drugs, but marijuana seems interesting, i'm hopefully going amsterdam this year so i'd try a brownie, but a defo not in a joint.just to see what its like.
    mushrooms would scare me a lil bit since i'm not sure what it would be like to hallunicate.
    i've had friends who have took drugs but theres nothing appealing about spending silly amounts on drugs and getting addicted and theres nothing sexy about a white nose.

  4. I was a bit nervous at first to write my honest views but I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I'm scared to try mushrooms too because although they're very weak and can be fun, if you aren't in the right mood you can see/sense bad things and I just know with my luck it would happen to me! :D xxxx


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