Wednesday, 28 September 2011

14. Something disgusting you do

I know it's gross but I find picking at things really therapeutic. I used to pick at my scabs all the time as a kid, which is why I have loads of scars. Now I quite like to pick at spots, even other peoples! Ewwww >.<



  1. lovely!!! i used to pick at my scabs to when i was a kid .. not soo much anymore as i know they will scar! xx

  2. haha!me to, its such a bad habit, when i get sunburn i can never leave it when it peels, i have to peel it off!uuuk!

  3. Yep, I know the feeling! I'm lucky enough to practically never have spots to pick at, but I torture Mr.Fish whenever I get the opportunity!xx

  4. I'm the same!! Tony hates it but I jump at the opportunity :D xxx

  5. I looove peeling. I used to put that PVA glue all over my hands in primary school and wait for it to dry so I could peel it off! Got in trouble all the time :) xxx


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