Thursday, 15 September 2011

Falsies Fail

Not that long ago I wrote about how I'd purchased my first pair of false eyelashes intending to try them out on the night of my sister's 18th. That was last night and true to my word I whipped them out to try and put them on.

After about 20 minutes of battling with them and getting very stressed (I have no patience!) I finally got them stuck on! I had to take them off and re-do them a few times because I didn't have them both in the same place on each eye so I looked a bit wonky-eyed.

I have to give them credit because the glue was very good and stuck nicely and it dried clear just like it said on the instructions. To be honest they did look really good, noticeable enough but natural enough too.

I continued getting ready with them on, it was taking some getting used to the feeling of having them on my eyes! I sadly ended up pulling them off and putting them back in the box right before we were due to leave because they still felt very strange on my eyelids and I had a feeling they'd be bothering me all night!

I'm not sure if I'll be trying them again any time soon, but I hope I will one day!! :(


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