Friday, 2 September 2011


I'm one of those crazy people who likes to try out all of the latest gadgets plus when I travel long distance I like to have lots to occupy me, my collection includes an Amazon Kindle, a Nintendo 3DS, an iPad, an old iPhone, a Blackberry and a Macbook Pro. I know it sounds ridiculous but honestly most have been Christmas or birthday presents (except the laptop which was necessity for uni!) and have been accumulated over the last three years or so.

I'm a bit of a girly girl too so I love all my gadgets to look colourful and pretty! That's where GelaSkins comes in great for me. They have the most amazing range of products available to decorate your gadgets with and they're great quality!

My sister and I used to share a DS and we bought some colourful sticker to cover that, I don't remember if it was GelaSkins but I do remember that it was a complete nightmare to stick! There was air bubbles all over and it was all wonky.

My Kindle comes absolutely everywhere with me as I absolutely love to read, the idea of having my whole book collection at my fingertips is very exciting to me. When I received the GelaSkins for my Kindle on my birthday I was both extremely excited, but also kind of apprehensive that I'd make a big sticky mess of it all!

"GelaSkins are removable vinyl skins for protecting and customising your portable devices."
"GelaSkins removable covers are backed by adhesive technology from 3M, which allows bubble free application."

By the time I'd read all this I was feeling pretty positive, so I went ahead and tried to stick it on my Kindle. I was genuinely surprised with how easy it was! They are not fiddly to stick on at all, the sticker itself is thicker than you'd imagine, so it's quite sturdy and doesn't stick to itself or curl up. I got both the back and front skins on first time and I am very, very pleased with the final results!

I love how colourful and vivid the artwork is! I've been happily browsing the GelaSkins website and have put together a little collage of the skins I'd like for my other devices :D

Have any of you girls tried GelaSkins?


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