Saturday, 3 September 2011

A journey into parenting...

It's just over a week before my fourth Orientation/Freshers week at St Andrews begins and I'm nervous. I'm nervous because this year I'm officially (and finally) a 3rd year student and St Andrews tradition dictates that I adopt academic kids.

I imagine the sort of things going around my head at the moment aren't those that any normal prospective parent would be thinking. Am I going to be cool enough? Will I give them a memorable experience of the academic parenting tradition? Will I be drunk enough? Will I manage to get them drunk enough? Will I do a better job than my academic parents did? So many questions!

I wonder if they had academic kids...
I bet you're wondering what it means to be an academic parent? Well heres what the uni offers on the subject...
Academic Family - The main purpose of the academic family is to introduce first-year students to one another and to third- and fourth-year 'parents'. This befriending often continues throughout the students' time at University and sometimes for many years after.
For the most part this is an extremely tame description of what academic parenting actually entails. So I'm going to give my version of events:

1. Make Yourself Known. In order to be a desirable parent you have to been seen out as much as possible during Freshers week, both during the day and night. Freshers will tend to approach people they've seen around a few times, so making your face known is key. Talking to pretty much everyone and anyone is also a good idea.

2. Appear Hardcore. Part of the charm of being seen wandering through town during the day and then partying the night away later makes you seem hardcore and therefore "cool" to Freshers. They have unlimited energy and and no "pause" button in Orientation week so anyone who can match that will surely make a great parent!

3. House Parties. Getting invited to a house party or after party with a group of older kids just couldn't be any cooler for those plucky first years. Rounding up a group of potential child candidates and pointing them in the direction of a house party might just seal the deal!

4. Keeping the Kids. Freshers week is over but the hard work is not! Regular coffee dates, house parties, family dinners and casual appearances on nights out are necessary to stop your kids from abandoning you! Not to mention an amazing Raisin Weekend, although that's another story.

So, as you can see I have a lot to be nervous about. I'm quietly excited though as I'm hoping this year will be my best yet! Be sure to keep an eye out for (hopefully) many stories of my journey into parenting...

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