Sunday, 18 September 2011

Just to say....


I currently have no internet since moving back into uni, it will take them a week to set it up so I am going to be considerably absent from blogging this week! But I do have a few things I promise to try and do while I'm internet absent!

1. I am going to try my best to get an email out to all those who want to guest blog, I'll do that ASAP! I promise! So keep an eye on your inboxes! :) Also want to say a huge huge thank you to all the people who responded! If anyone else would like to take part don't hesitate to email me!

2. I will collect lots of photos/stories of Freshers week and academic parent adopting to share with you all when I return to the internet world! I already have an academic husband to share kids with and a potential son candidate! How exciting!

Love & miss you all my lovelies! Be back soon! ♥


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