Friday, 30 September 2011

NOTW - Rimmel 60 Seconds 825 Sky High

This week I'm going all sea green with this lovely Rimmel 60 Seconds in Sky High. I took two photos (one with and one without flash) because neither seemed to really capture the true colour of this lovely nail varnish!

This pot had the new Xpress Brush and as I've mentioned before I totally love it. This colour required two coats, the first was quite see through, which I was surprised about since my last pot of 60 seconds was really opaque. Still impressed with the coverage and, of course, how fast it dries!

My nails seem to love letting nail varnish chip after 5 minutes of wearing it so I have two "durability" tests that I like to do when I try a new one. I'm going to start giving them marks based on that here!

Hair Tie Test - If I can tightly tie up my hair in a ponytail, after the varnish has fully dried, and it doesn't chip it gets a thumbs up from me! This one gets 5/5!
Shower Test - All that scrubbing and shampooing, can the varnish withstand!? This one gets 4/5.

I also had the washing up test but that almost always ends up with half my varnish chipped off... I guess it's a good excuse to leave the washing up to the boyfriend?!

What do you think of the colour? ♥



  1. I love it! Blue was definitely my fave summer colour for my nails. I love the xpress brush too, so easy to apply! xx

  2. I love this colour :) so summery!! xxx

  3. As I am son and servant to your will. Supporting!

  4. I've got this colour, when i saw it i had to have it, its such a gorgeous bluey/green!
    rimmel nail varnish gets thumbs up for me, they always last me over a week!


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