Saturday, 10 September 2011

Rimmel 60 Seconds - 619 Pulsating & New Xpress Brush

Another week has gone by which means a new nail colour for me! This one is a recent purchase, I have a handful sitting on my bedside table and I've been dying to try one of them since I bought them. 

This one is called Pulsating and is what can only be described as a vibrant, shimmery deep pink (enlarge the photo to see the shimmer in all of it's glory!). I am not a pink person at all, I thought the varnish looked much more purply when I bought it but I am still pleased with how it looks.

Also, since this was a new bottle of the Rimmel 60 Seconds it had the Xpress Brush 1 Second Applicator. The bristles are much stiffer which means that one swift motion and you've pretty much painted your whole nail. I was seriously impressed with how neat the application was with this brush. My only criticism would be that it is not so very easy to wipe the excess off the brush as you take it out of the pot and I found I often had too much.

The bottle claims that one coat is all you need and for most of my nails this was definitely the case (very impressed!) but in the photo it is two coats, as I like to apply two anyway, just for good measure!


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